Our Canine Hydrotherapy Centre

From the moment you step in to our canine hydrotherapy centre you get a sense of calm and relaxation. Although the building was a former grain store it has been specially adapted and renovated to accomodate our 9m x 3.5m pool. With the pool being so large it easily allows for large and giant breed dogs to free swim. The pool is entered via non-slip ramps, this removes the need for hoists which can sometimes cause distress. The water is heated to the optimum temperature of 29°c.


The chemical levels are tested on a regular basis ensuring that the pool is safe and clean. We favour bromine to treat the water as this does not have the strong smell associated with chlorine and we believe it is more gentle on the dogs coat.

The hydrotherapy centre is set in idylic surroundings, owners are more than welcome to walk their dogs providing they are kept on leads and under control.