Kim and Steve Warren say

"Barney our beloved WCS was unfortunate enough to be born with AMS and only given a very short time to live once he was diagnosed. Much to our delight and with lots of hard work he thrived and even went on to have a career in agility, reaching the dizzy heights of grade 5. However, in 2016 due to AMS HE broke his right foot and the repair operation dramatically reactivated the symptoms of his AMS, with the sad outcome of amputation of his right hind leg. Enter Highwood Canine Hydrotherapy in December 2016. Their expertise, support and treatment gave Barney his balance back, helped him to work the correct muscles to aid his recovery and reignited his zest for life. He absolutely adores his sessions and 2+ years on he still attends twice a month so that the lovely therapists can constantly assess him and he would go there every day if we'd give him a lift! We're very proud that Barney is the oldest surviving WCS diagnosed with AMS in the UK (9 in March 2019) and contributed to the DNA test for diagnosis available too."

Adele Saywell says

"I have taken my dog Kaizer Chief to Canine Hydrotherapy for many years now, and I could not recommend the team highly enough. Kaizer was intially not a water fan, but now the word swimming is enough to get him all excited. They have been amazing, in helping support Kaizer when he has had injuries, or just for when he is having a fitness swim. The team constantly go above and beyond to give advice, guidance and support to owners, while making the pets feel at ease."

Sanchia Garcia-Perez says

"My 4 year old Border Collie Tess slipped a disc in July 2018, she was unable to use her back legs for a short period. After four weeks of rest she regained some movement but was unstable when walking. We started treadmill hydrotherapy in September 2018. With each session I noticed a difference in Tess’ stability whilst out walking and if Tess had a bad week the staff at Highwood would be on hand to offer advice. We finished hydrotherapy in January this year, as Tess had remained stable for a long period of time. Tess won’t be allowed to do high impact sports, however she is able to go on walks and enjoy just being a dog. The staff are great with all the dogs, they are compassionate and you can tell they enjoy doing what they do. Tess is very anxious around other dogs after being attacked previously. I explained this to the staff at Highwood and they treated Tess with care and would always take this into consideration at each session. I can’t thank them enough for what they have done for Tess, I have my happy and crazy dog back."

Asif Khan says

"About three years ago, my Beagle Oscar was diagnosed with a degenerative spinal condition and severe hip dysplasia. The specialist recommended hydrotherapy as an effective treatment plan and we were referred to Highwood Canine Hydrotherapy by our local vet.

This was the best decision we ever made. Although his condition cannot be totally cured and he is not a natural breed in the water, his quality of life has improved so much, his degree of mobility has amazed us and he is now a happy boy!

All the staff at Highwood Canine Hydrotherapy are friendly, knowledgeable and above all understand the requirements of each dog and are able to tailor a specific treatment program to significantly help to resolve the issues.

So whether your dog has a medical problem, needs to lose some weight or simply wants to splash around in the pool for fun, then I can thoroughly recommend Highwood Canine Hydrotherapy…and they will even give your dog a bath & blow dry at the end of the session!!"